Keen to make the future
of graphic design beautiful together

A new generation, fuelled by experience.

Typografics was founded 32 years ago by Danny,
who developed the company into a knowledge centre for businesses and cross-media talents.
Now, Kristel and his daughter Caro take care of day-to-day management.

Taking your cares off your hands

That’s the added value of Typografics,
the human-touch as the key in this digital world.

Bridge builder
for businesses

Visual communication with impact, that’s what it’s all about. We go the extra mile to get you there and start by picking the best graphics match, depending on the time-frame.

for graphic designers

That is our role within the sector. Helping professionals continuously improve by investing in our own people and actively sharing our expertise with others in the Academy.

We go way back

32 years of beining a creative production partner

  • 1991
    We go way back… As a graphic artist, Danny founded what later evolved into Typografics. He started at home on a part-time, self-employed basis; manual work such as paper assembly and network drawing gradually gave way to the Apple Macintosh in the early years.
  • 1998
    The first permanent employee becomes a reality!
  • 2006
    We move to premises in Dendermonde and the team expands to include nine employees.
  • 2008
    Typografics starts its own Academy. This will be a knowledge centre where both employees and customers will be trained by our trainers. Meanwhile, Danny raises the Typografics flag at Zwaarveld 45. After a thorough renovation, Hamme will become the base from which we continue to shape our story.
  • 2012
    Typografics now takes on web projects in addition to print. The Studio is expanding too, with a second designer joining to accommodate growth.
  • 2018
    The ‘Letterkabinet’ is created, our meeting place at Dok Noord in Ghent where Danny and Elke put their heart and soul into their love of letterpress. Here, you can attend workshops, hold a special team-building event, make your own creations or hold meetings.
  • 2020
    A cross-media scale-up. Typografics is now also taking on motion, video and 3D projects.
  • 2021
    30 years of Typografics, enthusiastically run by Kristel and daughter Caro while Danny focuses 100% on the Letterkabinet. A new generation, fuelled by experience, ready to enhance the graphics of the future.

Our team, our Typo-dna

Typografics encompasses a strong team with a characteristic style. The Typo DNA is our guiding principle in all we do: it is how we make a difference for our customers each and every day and stay at the top of our game in the industry.

#TeamTypo is generous, adaptable, committed and sound And, above all, we stay true to ourselves. Everyone here has the freedom to develop our dna in their own unique way.

You should feel comfortable with us, and we should feel the same about you. Do you recognise yourself in – what we call – the Typografics-dna and would you like to improve our clients’ visual communication? Set your talent alight.