6 essential tips for communicating with your graphic designer

26 February 2019

A smooth client-designer relationship depends on two things: clear communication and direction. Preferably with all the bells and whistles. Here, Jorne gives you 6 essential tips for communicating with your graphic designer, a.k.a. a textbook example of a hard-head  (apologies, we just want a perfect end result :-)).


1. Phased feedback

Designing is a creative process. A good designer will appreciate your suggestions and constructive criticism throughout the various stages of the process. Every project requires a little back and forth to get things just right. This will help us to streamline the design process and yield superior results.

Bron: Damian Jolley

2. Inspire us

Providing specific examples of the sort of design work that you like is probably the best way to fast-track the design process. Spoil us with styles, fonts, colour schemes and lay-outs that speak to you.

3. Mistakes -> Improvements

Les goûts et les couleurs. It’s perfectly fine if you aren’t fond of an image that your designer has created. Trust me, we want to hear from you! Constructive feedback is an essential part of our process. But it really is just a matter of how you phrase things (we did spend blood, sweat and tears on this design for you!).

4. Be inspired by your graphic designer

Creating an original and eye-catching graphic design takes creativity as well as skill.  Is your graphic idea compatible with your budget? We'll be happy to tell you. Sure, your suggestions are valuable, even though we have a knack for spontaneously following just about every path that crosses our minds in order to end up with an end result that matches the proposal that’s in your head.

5. Leave room for creative freedom

We like to surprise you and we use all of our skills to do so. With a little flexibility and freedom, you might end up with a design that doesn't match 100% with your idea, but completely exceeds your expectations.

6. Keep your expectations realistic

Agree a clear scope and timeline for the project with the designer. Be clear on how many concepts you expect and when you need the print-ready piece. Understand, however, that some things in graphic design can be more time-consuming than you think.

If you follow these six guidelines the next time you meet with your Typografics designer, not only will you be their favourite client for all eternity, you’ll also end up with a more successful, and strong, design.

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Geschreven door Jorne

Graphic designer

Jorne studied Graphical Media Technology at the AP Hogeschool in Antwerp. As one of our Junior Graphic Designers, he has worked on a wide variety of assignments: from classic DTP work to posters, logos, magazines and even illustrations.

Jorne regularly plays tennis and also teaches this popular sport to kids. In addition he also has a great passion for vintage mopeds and photography.

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