Afrodite Trevlopoulos' educational pathway as Creative Designer at BD myShopi


Academy Manager

29 January 2018

BD myShopi

The circular you receive weekly from your local supermarket is very likely to be distributed by BD myShopi. The company is also known for its handy myShopi app, which allows you to digitally consult circulars and keep track of all your loyalty cards on your smartphone. In addition, they also offer a lot of creative activation options to generate more traffic to your store, resulting in both more bricks and more clicks.

Afrodite Trevlopoulos: Creative Designer

Afrodite Trevlopoulos is the Creative Designer of BD myShopi, and since she has followed a number of training sessions at Typografics, we felt that it was time for a chat!

Afrodite: “At BD myShopi, I am responsible for the graphic layout of all internal and external documents, from sales tools and product fiches to mock-ups. Last year we also strongly improved our employer branding. Finally, I follow up our publications.”

Since Afrodite is juggling multiple tasks, she is determined to strive for more efficiency and smarter working methods.

Afrodite: “I am a journalist by training, but graphic design has always been my great love. When I was doing an internship with the magazine Marie-Claire in Amsterdam, I regularly visited the graphics department. That’s when I realised that I also wanted to focus on the more graphic aspect of things. After some browsing, I decided to move to Australia to become a graphic designer and combine working and studying.”

The Typografics screening tool: a handy tool for employers

A few years ago, after completing her basic programme abroad, Afrodite applied to BD myShopi. A screening at Typografics showed that she was very creative, but that she still needed to acquire a number of technical skills. Thanks to this detailed analysis, Michael Buelens, Academy Supervisor at Typografics, knew exactly which areas needed to be addressed. Based on his findings, Typografics put together a personalised training course.

Afrodite: “In only two days, Michael efficiently brought me up to speed with InDesign and Illustrator. Afterwards, I felt much more confident and I was able to independently tackle every task that came my way. Delivering ready-to-print files became relatively simple and if things did go wrong, I knew how to figure out what it was and how to correct it.”

Training via FaceTime? It is possible at Typografics! (And it’s even efficient).

“I took a second session when I was asked to print our mascot larger than life. The vector files had been lost and I had to provide a sky-high banner for the Meir in Antwerp. Michael used FaceTime to explain step by step how to proceed, and the result was certainly successful.”

Adobe Spark for marketers at BAM

“When I saw that Michael was giving a Breakfast & Learn session about Adobe Spark at the BAM Congress last December, I immediately registered. Spark Video allows us marketers to easily create and edit videos. And thanks to his tips I made an after movie for BD myShopi.”