Intago and Typografics: more than just a partnership


Managing Director

31 January 2018

Recently, Typografics, who specialise in outsourcing web designers and front-end developers, has partnered with Intago, a digital agency known for its strong investment in the customer experience. The reason for this partnership is obvious; the two companies complement each other, and both attach great importance to the quality and level of service that is offered.

Intago – think customer, get digital!

Along the way, Intago has grown into a solid start-up with 12 employees and is based in both Tielt-Winge and Hasselt. As part of the Corda INCubator on the Corda Campus, they help companies to create a customer-focused digital experience. Although Intago was only founded recently, the company can be proud of its extensive customer portfolio, including companies such as Pelican Rouge, Randstad, Baloise Insurance, Cegeka, Unizo and VDAB.

Tom Devos, founder: “Most companies are well aware of the need to focus on the customer. But how should they do that? Intago has developed a specific method in which we rely on both direct and continuous feedback from clients and observational data to gain a global understanding of the project. This allows us to develop and implement a digital work flow that is truly tailored to the customer's needs.”

Typografics – highly personalised cross-media design

With 25 years of experience, Typografics specialises in outsourcing graphic and digital designers. During this time, the company has grown to become one of the market leaders in the field of graphic design and is gradually gaining ground in the field of graphic education. With headquarters in Hamme, East Flanders, the company also opened a creative hub in Hasselt (Corda INCubator) in 2017. 

Digitalisation is also a hot topic in the graphics sector.  Danny Mertens, executive director of Typografics:  “The world of graphic design is in full swing. Every day, we are confronted with new digital platforms that all need their own custom design. Today's consumers expect an impeccable customer experience, including a contemporary design that enhances the customer experience. And that's exactly where our strength lies and where we can help Intago.”

Hybrid teams Intago – Typografics

For a successful digital trajectory, it is essential that people with different skills and profiles work closely together. Back-end development, front-end design and UX/UI designers each have their own role, but they depend greatly on each other. That's why Intago and Typografics have formed hybrid teams that are adapted to the needs of the client and the project. This will allow the two companies to create solid digital transformation projects together by combining their strengths. 

Tom Devos: “We strongly believe in the power of hybrid teams. Our start-up can not only show the necessary flexibility but is also able to perfectly integrate large-scale projects for clients such as Baloise Insurance, Pelican Rouge and Randstad.”‚Äč