Lolaliza loves Typografics’ fresh look


Web Manager

12 December 2017

Lolaliza: putting the WOW in women

Lola & Liza was founded in 2001 by two Belgian brothers with an excellent sense of style. They focus on young women who do not always take life too seriously and who love colour, positivity and beautiful, affordable clothes that accentuate their femininity. Or, as they say at Lola & Liza: putting the WOW in women.

“Typografics' cross-media designers will pitch in whenever necessary and provide a fresh perspective on concepts and processes.” 

“In terms of e-commerce, we have evolved considerably over the last few years. Our web shop is now an extra store, so to speak, and, for that matter, quite an elaborate one. However, having a web shop also entails acting very quickly. In addition to planned marketing campaigns, we also want to respond to recent developments, announce unexpected discounts, send out extra newsletters, etc., and all of this, of course, in perfect harmony with our corporate identity and our usual tone of voice. That is why we like to rely on Typografics’ cross-media designers; they pitch in whenever necessary and provide a fresh perspective on concepts and processes.”

Veerle De Taeye, marketing manager

“Typografics is more than just an executive partner: together we take our designs to a higher level.”

“We have worked most closely with Arno at Typografics. He is very fast, shows initiative when needed and helps us to refine our ideas. Typografics is therefore more than just an executive partner. The creative aspects of our campaigns, images and concepts are of course our responsibility, but we do notice that the input and digital knowledge of someone like Arno take it to a higher level. He uses his technical background to give us advice on how to make our processes run better and more smoothly. This allows us to fully benefit from the fresh outlook of someone who is not constantly immersed in the Lolaliza story.”

Annelien Alaerts, Digital Communication Coordinator