Our web designer Sten’s go-to list of inspirational resources


Web & Motion Designer

30 August 2018

Webdesigner Sten maakte een top 8 van de sites, Instagram- en Twitter-accounts én YouTube-kanalen die hem inspireren.


MKBHD is one of the world's best-known YouTubers. The man behind the account is a very honest and critical tech reviewer. Follow this account to see plenty of videos of his work behind the scenes, where he shows you how he edits videos and which hardware and software he prefers to work with.


Ferocious studio protection ?????

Een bericht gedeeld door Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd) op


2. Awwwards

Get daily design inspiration from this Instagram feed, which features a ‘Site of the day’ that is based on both the design and the usability of the website. After all, creating a perfect combination of the two is what it is all about for us designers and developers. 

4. Readdle

Readdle is known for developing incredibly reliable, intuitive and UX-strong applications. Spark, Calendars 5 and PDF Expert are just a few examples of their work.


5. @vanschneider

The German designer @vanschneider’s Twitter feed is dedicated to anything connected with design, never failing to surprise his followers. You might know @vanschneider as the designer of Spotify and many other large software projects. 



PHLEARN’s YouTube channel has earned itself a serious amount of followers through its Photoshop Tutorials. I have seen many tutorials, and the ones from PHLEARN are strikingly professional. The tutorials are always up to date and new tutorials are regularly posted. PHLEARN is also a very passionate storyteller, which makes the channel even more enjoyable to watch. 

7. Creative Market

Creative Market is a webshop where designers can buy photos, icons, fonts, plug-ins, etc. Join the community and receive 6 free downloads every Monday, which you can then save for future projects. 

8. Webdesigner News

The Webdesigner News’ newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest about web design, from the updated Gmail design to the new Instagram logo. You won’t miss a thing!