Pantone chooses Ultra Violet as colour of the year 2018.


Academy Manager

12 December 2017

Ultra Violet was named as the new colour of the year by Pantone. But how do you use this colour as a graphic or digital designer?

Around this time last year, Pantone chose a fresh shade of green as the colour of the year, but this time Ultra Violet takes the spotlight. Pantone associates a feeling of luxury, and even decadence and excess, with this colour, which is in great contrast to the more neutral green of 2017. Pantone defines Ultra Violet as a dramatically provocative shade of purple that stands for originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking. It is a complex and layered colour, again in contrast to the simple, refreshing and optimistic green of last year.

During the time of the Roman Empire, only senators and other authority figures wore purple details in their clothing. Julius Caesar proclaimed himself Emperor and wore a complete purple gown as a powerful symbolic gesture. Furthermore, Ultra Violet is, of course, also a clear reference to another well-known figure, the late pop star Prince. Last year, Pantone already developed a personalised colour in honour of the famous artist. 

So, there is no lack of historical references and associations.... But how can you use this new colour as a graphic or digital designer?

Je hebt wellicht al gemerkt dat de Pantone kleurcode voor Ultra Violet 18-3838 is, maar dat je daar verder niet echt iets bruikbaar mee kunt aanvangen. The Pantone colour code for Ultra Violet is 18-3838, but that is probably of little use, since it is mainly used by the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for Home & Interior Design, which is not necessarily the domain of your average graphic artist or web nerd. But don't worry, we have looked up the more useful codes for you:

Ultra Violet Pantone PMX library code: 2096 C

CMYK: 75-75-0-0

RGB: 101-78-163

HEX: #654EA3

Use this link to download the ASE file for various Adobe applications.  

Another interesting blog post is the one by my colleague Michael in which he explains how to download and use new Pantone colours in InDesign or Illustrator. Full of very useful advice!