The 5 graphic design trends to watch for in 2019


Graphic designer

10 January 2019

Take a look at graphic designer Jorne’s top picks for this year and start imagining how these trends can help to inform your style.

1. Gradients

Gradients started popping up last year, and they are here to stay. This cool technique is an easy way to give your design a vivid and futuristic feel. In the last few years, colour transitions have been a well-recognised trend to make logos pop, and that trend isn’t stopping anytime soon

Source: Song hojong (Behance)

Source: Maxim Shkret (Behance)

2. 3D design

3D design seems to be everywhere right now. In 2019, designers will mainly focus on adding 3D elements to logos and posters. 3D technology is evolving at a fast pace, giving graphic designers more and more opportunities to create striking, vibrant compositions that literally jump right off the page. Another design trend is three-dimensional typography. Combining 3D and typography will bring designers new opportunities and greater creative freedom. 

3. Fluid and liquid effect

A fluid and liquid effect will create movement in your visuals. Graphic designers often use simulations of water drops and water flows. When these are combined with gradients, you are sure to create more striking and extra-punchy designs. Would you like to try it out yourself? Download free liquid shapes here. 

Source: Olena Ovcharenko (Behance)

4. Illustrations

Unique illustrations are an excellent way to make your company stand out. Hand-drawn visuals also give your brand a more human and personal feel. Dropbox, among others, has risen to the challenge and invested in custom illustrations to help them connect with their clients. A fun example: when someone unsubscribed from Dropbox Pro, they were shown an illustration of a crying PC. This prompted a multitude of positive responses, the company received apologies via Twitter and some people even reregistered.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is evolving very quickly and, because of smartphones, it is already in everyone’s pocket. Think of Pokémon Go, the Google Glass or the famous Snapchat filters. Augmented reality superimposes a virtual layer over the real world. With AR, you can have your customers virtually redesign their living room before making a purchase. Adobe will soon launch a new programme that focuses on AR: Project Aero. Thanks to this programme, designers will be able to create AR content with existing programmes such as Photoshop and Dimension CC.

Source: Adobe