The 7 must-follow YouTubers according to our motion designer Tom


Cross-Media Designer/Motion Designer

11 October 2018

Tom, our motion designer, spends at least 1 to 2 hours a day on YouTube. ‘Initially I used YouTube mainly for concrete tutorials when I was working on a video myself. It is the ideal channel for continuous personal and professional development. As well as a great place to take inspiration from passionate vloggers.’​

Although Tom finds YouTube a fantastic alternative to TV, series are also a source of inspiration for his own work. ‘I don't really like the traditional ways of watching TV anymore. I only follow a limited number of series, like West World, Game of Thrones and The Man in the High Castle. Those are my sources of inspiration. Although I still mainly enjoy series for their storyline, I also pay more and more attention to the use of special effects, lighting, sound design, etc. I also appreciate YouTube channels such as Cinefix, where vloggers discuss plot choices of films.’

As a motion designer, Tom finds that these 7 YouTube channels are worth following.​

1. Peter Mckinnon

With his videos, Peter McKinnon wants to teach his followers everything there is to know about photography and cinematography. This ranges from videos about hardware to concrete tips on how to work more efficiently with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. He is also an avid vlogger. And he loves his coffee.

2. Andrey Lebrov

Andrey Lebrov focuses on special effects and 3D. He shares various tutorials, tips and behind the scenes material on his YouTube channel.

3. Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja gives you concrete tips on making your own videos, from how to get the right camera perspective to info about cameras and tips for good background music.

4. Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy reviews hardware and shares tutorials. For example, she teaches you how to properly interview on camera. In her vlogs, she also encourages her viewers to experiment and, above all, to be creative.

5. Zack Ramelan

Zack Ramelan allegedly wants to become a full-time professional filmmaker. On his YouTube channel he shows you how to capture yourself as naturally as possible and also presents this year’s best cameras.

6. Chris Hau

Chris Hau gives tips and tricks about all facets of the film process, and he will have you editing your videos like a pro in no time. He also shows you how to film cars and he reviews hardware.

7. Greyscalegorilla

Greyscalegorilla specialises in tutorials about 3D.  He’ll teach you how to create a glossy metal logo in 3D or how to create a strong title sequence in After Effects.


Can Tom help your company with a movie?

Our motion designer Tom has experience with various company films, from tutorials to HR videos and commercials. Tom can create your video either in our own studio or at your company. Contact us for more information!