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Made by Elke

Talent Trainer - Senior Webdesigner & developer

Website update Antwerp Pride For several years, the Antwerp Pride has been a successful melting pot of parties, a parade, cultural activities, etc. This bustling four-day event popped up for its 12th edition in 2019. A new edition = a new website. Or at least a complete update! Together with Agoria, Typografics has been taking care of the online wish list of Antwerp Pride for several years now. Their expectations for 2019? More clarity for the Antwerp Pride festival-goer, including: ✔️A location map ✔️An event line-up ✔️ Integrated forms Web designer & web developer Elke used a WordPress template as a starting point in order to integrate every creative wish of the Antwerp Pride organisation in this update.
Location map
The location map allows you to filter on to subcategories, such as culture, shopping and spa, dining, etc. Recognisable icons in Google Maps create a very intuitive user experience, so it becomes easy to map out your must-visit locations.
Event Line-up
The event line-up shows the daily programme, with a colourful distinction between main events, partner events and other events. The visitor can easily scroll to the detailed information for each event. With a Google Maps integration, navigating to the party location has never been easier.
Integrated forms
The integrated forms, for example registering for the parade, volunteers or press, are displayed on the homepage with the Antwerp Pride look and a user-friendly flow.
The website is structured in such a way that it can easily be expanded. Even a complete turnaround of the corporate identity is possible.
Elke, Web Designer & Web Developer
Extra features The loading time of the Antwerp Pride website is blazingly fast. The visitor will see the requested information on his/her screen in a rainbow coloured heartbeat. The SEO optimisation gives Antwerp Pride a competitive advantage. The collaboration with Antwerp Pride went very well. It was a project with a clear vision and great enthusiasm.
A heartfelt thank you for all the fantastic work that has been done over the past weeks. Because of all your adaptations, fast service and flexibility, our website looks better than ever. We are big fans of the new functionalities and can’t express our gratitude enough. It’s been really nice working together like this!
Pieter Van Bocxlaer, Coordinator Antwerp Pride

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