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Fellow web & motion designer Max is pretty much the purveyor of choice when it comes to websites for Royal Crown. Max was asked to (re)design over 15 websites for them, for which he had to dip into many of his Sketch skills.

Made by Max

Senior Webdesigner

Makeover Royalcrown.be He was given carte blanche at the briefing, which is a bit like heaven and hell at the same time. Because yes, having no restrictions can be deceiving. But Max knows Royal Crown inside out and he has a talent for letting users intuitively scroll through a design. With Royal Crown’s freshly printed new leaflet as inspiration, he created a clean/modern design in Sketch. An online translation of the printed version: similar titles, use of colour, etc., and with a clear visual portfolio.
Max is a multifunctional web designer who helps us to design both internal and external communications. He has grown along with our company and works autonomously and punctually. We enjoy working with Max because he knows how to link innovation to the uniqueness of our communications.
Frank Rombouts, Royal Crown
Redesign Crowndesk.be Second up: Crown Desk. Through this online platform, Royal Crown customers can access an article overview, an order and invoice module, etc. Max was asked to extend the look & feel of the Royal Crown website to this platform. The aim was to gain recognition. You might recognise the Material Design style of Google in the design of the order tables and icons. This helps to achieve an optimal overview and maximal user-friendliness. We don’t take half measures; Max also poured all the specs into a neat style guide for the developers.
Of everything I've made for Royal Crown, Crown Desk is the one I'm most proud of. It was quite a challenge to help design a complete system, from the pages and icons to the style guide for the developers. A fun and instructive project!
Max, Web & Motion Designer
Redesign customer websites. Max not only taps into his Sketch talent for Royal Crown, but also for their clients. For example, he worked on a redesign for De Bisschop. An extra challenge was to create a design that works within Royal Crown’s CMS system (Browsbox). Can you see how the De Bisschop’s logo forms the basis for other designs? Colours are being extended, rounded corners are used as a recurring theme, etc. This creates a quiet uniform atmosphere.

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