ABN AMRO: a Christmas card, a poster and fun postcards for De Warmste Week

Made by Kristel

Senior Graphic Designer

At the end of last year, our graphic designer Kristel Goris was asked to design postcards, a Christmas card and a poster for ABN AMRO in honour of De Warmste Week. ‘My idea to create something for the Warmste Week to support research into intestinal cancer was immediately well received by ABN AMRO!’

Kristel has been working as a freelancer for ABN AMRO since 2016. ‘I work 2.5 days a week at ABN AMRO's office in Berchem, which has a pleasant working environment and nice colleagues. It's really easy to work with the team. I hope I'll be able to work here for a long time to come!’

The choice of visuals at ABN AMRO varies from project to project. After two years, Kristel lives and breathes the style of the bank. ‘My assignments are extremely diverse. Sometimes the main objective is clarity and functionality, as with forms where the design is mainly technical.

But in other projects, such as these cards, I’m free to suggest a more playful design. In the past, I also designed brochures, invitations and material for events, such as banners or gifts for customers. ABN AMRO really encourages me to give my two cents about the style and content of campaigns. I love it!’

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