Animation for Cegeka

Made by Roel

Talent Trainer - Senior print & motion designer

One: from sketch to animation With ‘One’, Cegeka created a new online workspace. A place where you can collaborate, connect and communicate as one team. To breathe life into this story, team Typo created an informative animation in different phases. Phase 1: Who What Where The customer’s goal was loud and clear: One has to become the place to be for their employees. During an introductory meeting we were able to gather all of the missing information in order to start the project. Phase 2: Sketches The structure of the animation was thought out, highlighting the customer’s inspiration. This was the fun part, so to speak. After an in-house brainstorm we sketched a storyboard defining the visual style in line with Cegeka's corporate identity. Our graphic designer Jens meticulously designed the illustrations in Illustrator.
Although there was no visible movement at this stage, I had to consider the following phases for this design. For example, I clearly defined all of the layers in Illustrator, so that the animator could easily work with them.
Jens, Graphic Designer
Phase 3: Illustration comes to life When it comes to animation, it’s our colleague Roel who comes into the picture. He worked with Adobe After Effects for this project. In the final phase we also decided on the voice-over, the music and the VFX. We created different versions of the animation, both with and without subtitles.
We had to stay ahead of the game with this one, given the tight deadline. Typografics handled the pressure very well. Their expertise was a nice addition to our in-house knowledge. We are proud of the animation!
Emma Rochus, Marketing Officer
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