Contest material Paco Rabanne

Made by Andreas

Studio Manager

Paco Rabanne surprises with 4 gold bars The end of the year is known for glitter, gold and gifts. Paco Rabanne combined all three into one spectacular end-of-year contest. For each Paco Rabanne scent purchased at Ici Paris XL, you could win a gold bar worth 1,500 euro. Customers needed a golden ticket to win this precious gift. For the creation Puig relied on the bling bling skills of our web manager Andreas. Thanks to having undertaken various web assignments for Puig, Andreas has come to know their deepest design desires, which he perfectly translated to this print work.
‘I found inspiration in the legendary film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, where 5 Golden Tickets were hidden in random chocolate bars. I wanted to incorporate that magical touch into Paco Rabanne's Golden Ticket.’
Scratchable flyer with an extra touch Andreas created the design of this special ticket in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. The print on the glossy gold foil gave the design an exclusive look, reflecting the actual gold bar that was at stake. The Paco Rabanne Golden Ticket was finished with a scratch layer, under which you found a unique code to register online.

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