Design meeting rooms telecom operator VOO

Made by Peter

Senior Graphic Designer

Peter really succeeded in matching his design with our meeting rooms. He also took the technical and budgetary agreement into account. So, we are very satisfied with our cooperation!
Cathy Meulenijzer, Responsible for the graphic cell and production at BE TV

Graphic designer Peter has been working regularly at the Walloon telecom operator VOO for almost a year. ‘At first I mainly did DTP work. But when I was asked to design a few logos, I could really show my creative side. They were so satisfied with the result that I was given the assignment to create stickers for their meeting rooms. It truly was a great project!’

‘I was given quite some freedom and they were usually happy with my ideas.  They wanted to give their meeting rooms more character and intimacy by using stickers. I even got to transform their waste containers.’

Meeting room Kompany

‘As VOO is a French-speaking company, well-known French-speaking Belgians were chosen to cheer up the rooms. The CEO of VOO, for example, is a fan of Kompany, so a picture of him had to be included. And there also had to be some fierce women in the design, such as the actresses Marie Gilain and Viriginie Efira.’

Meeting room Virginie Efira

Meeting room Marie Gilain

Meeting room Together

Meeting room Star Wars

Forex Merckx

Doors in creative area The Loop​

Vergaderzaal On the Moon

Vergaderzaal Spielberg

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