Design of real estate and lifestyle magazine

Made by Benjamin

Studio Manager Assistant - Senior Graphic Designer

Structura’s real estate agents care deeply about advising their clients and building sustainable relationships with their target audience. To introduce people to their team, their company, and their passions, they turned to Typografics for the creation of a lifestyle magazine, to be distributed free of charge among their clients and prospects.

This was a project that Typografics was very excited to tackle!


Structura came knocking with a clearly defined idea; they had already picked a name, Lagune, and asked that we stick to the colour palette of their corporate identity. As for the inspiration for the project, we were given the keywords ‘Scandinavian aesthetic’ and ‘young and hip feel’. Structura provided the necessary texts and the topics.

A smooth collaboration

We started by creating a cover and a number of spreads, giving Structura a first taste of the direction we were headed in and the opportunity to provide feedback and direction regarding the look & feel if needed. Even though the client had a clearly defined idea, we were given plenty of room to provide suggestions and ideas of our own. This intersection of ideas resulted in an easy-to-read mini magazine that put a face to the people behind Structura.

Proud of the result

Structura was very proud of the result! A great mix of articles about interior design, construction, and renovation, but also plenty on living and enjoying life. A magazine like this is the perfect way to introduce your company and team in a more unique way!

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