Illustration for De Zonnige Woonst

Made by Jens

Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator

House rules that are being read When renting a house, there are a lot of rules to follow. These rules are always attached to the rental agreement. But De Zonnige Woonst wondered whether or not renters actually read these regulations? The answer is often ‘no’. And so our illustrator Jens was asked to create visually appealing house rules that will be read.
Katrijn Cools, De Zonnige Woonst
Trial & error After finding ample inspiration online, Jens presented some styles to De Zonnige Woonst. The focus was on clarity and transparency so that people would easily take in the information. What followed was a search for the perfect match: sketching, deleting, redrawing, placing, changing colours, etc. Not a simple task given the amount of text compared to the size of the print. A few honest feedback rounds later, both parties were completely happy with the result.
The overall look is sleek and fun. The illustrations are well done and everything is clear. I liked the customer’s idea to use a gate fold.
Jens, Graphic Designer

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