Infographic for az Vesalius

Made by Shari

Senior cross-media designer & Illustrator

A lot of babies are born at az Vesalius. And that entails a massive amount of data. The hospital, located in Tongeren, is proud of their capacity and wanted to divulge their figures on their social media channels. What better way to visualise numbers than with an infographic?
Infographics for social media Several mood boards served as inspiration for the design. This helped us to define a style, together with the client. The Typografics studio used the orange/blue corporate colours as a basis and combined them with a light blue grunge background. The use of the interrupted line creates planes and a symmetry that helps the viewer to pick up the information faster. During the design process, the illustrations grew organically; the smiling cartoon figures added a friendly vibe and the images used for caesarean births and breastfeeding were very recognisable. The written font is a playful counterpart of the sleek font.
I had a great time with this assignment and the client was satisfied with the end result. It was an ideal match.
Shari, Graphic Designer
As always, I enjoyed working with Typografics. Preparing the mood boards before starting the project was a lot of fun, and this helped us to choose the right style and tone. Typografics knew how to incorporate our feedback, and dared to use their expertise and knowledge to sometimes counteract our approach.
Sarina Simenon, Communications Manager az Vesalius

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