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‘We are very happy with Sten. He is a quick study and his work is good and of a high quality. He always meets the deadline and he knows how to translate the look & feel of the current season and the message we want to convey.’
Dorien Swerts - VF Europe/Kipling

Every month you can participate in the 'Win This Bag' campaign on the Kipling website. In order to win the bag of the month, you only need to fill in a few details and answer a tiebreaker. 

Every month, Sten creates a new campaign image for the website. 

Vertical advertisement banner

Typografics creates a wide range of visuals for the Kipling website and other web applications: mailings, campaign pages, homepage updates and images for Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. Typografics' cross-media and web designers have designed almost everything you can think of! 

Vertical advertisement banner

Image for social media

Image for social media

Banner for the newsletter

Image for the 'No Results' page

Design newsletter

Design nieuwsbrief

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