Layout art book for Stockmans

Made by Thomas

Senior Graphic Designer

Layout art book for Stockmans 'Nico Dockx talks with Dennis Tyfus' illustrates a journey through the oeuvre of Dennis Tyfus. In the book, Nico Dockx interviews the artist for a year, asking one question a day. What emerges is a surprising mix of music, collages, drawings and pamphlets. The layout of this 880 page collector’s item went through the talented fingers of our graphic designer Thomas. He didn’t start from scratch, he added detail to an existing design.
This project relied entirely on teamwork. Nico Dockx literally sat next to me, which allowed us to continuously exchange thoughts and tweak the result together.
Thomas, Graphic Designer
Text corrections were carried out at a minute's notice, and layout decisions were made in the process. It was a very hands-on project.
We had an avalanche of work coming our way, so we contacted Typografics. Thomas handled this exceptional peak very well. We look back on a pleasant cooperation.
Bruno Devos, Managing Director
Thomas created the layout of this beautiful art book in InDesign. Because the art book was printed in-house, it was a very tangible end result.

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