Logo and ad ‘Marketer of the Year’

Made by Elke

Talent Trainer - Senior Graphic Design & Illustrator

BAM and Trends will announce the Marketer of the Year on 14 November 2018. Typografics is supporting the award ceremony and was asked to design the logo and ad for the event. Candidates are invited to register via e-mail, bannering, direct mailing and advertisements.

Our graphic designer Elke designed the logo and the advertisement in collaboration with art director Bernd.


Advertisement - Marketer of the Year

The face in the ad is partially covered to represent the universal marketer. The Marketer of the Year must, above all, have guts. I visually emphasised that aspect by using diagonal lines in contrast with the geometric logo.

In terms of colours, I opted for a gradient of softer colours to highlight the creative skills of marketers. I have deliberately chosen the combination of black and white with colour accents to give the design a unique character.




Logo - Marketer of the Year

The no-nonsense geometric font Gotham Black perfectly matched the style I envisaged for the logo. 

The logo is complemented with a black ribbon on the bottom, which is actually a reflection of the inner shape of the M, mimicking the look of a certificate.

The logo uses the same soft colour gradient as the advertisement.



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