Magazine layout for f-twee

Made by Axelle

Graphic Designer

Magazine layout for Stad Gent, Hopper, De Overijsenaar, ... Several colleagues recently put their cross media talents to good use at the publishing company f-twee. Their creative fingers helped design new editions for Stad Gent, Hopper, De Overijsenaar, etc. Axelle, for example, poured texts, images and infographics into existing layouts, mainly working with InDesign. Additional image editing was done in Photoshop and the design was created in Illustrator.
Infographic for Komop For the 30th anniversary of Komop, Axelle developed an infographic based on the slogan 'People can move mountains'.
It is thanks to the efforts of many people that Kom op tegen Kanker became a professional organisation. People really move mountains, and this infographic is a perfect testament to that.
Axelle, Cross Media Designer
Suddenly we were heavily understaffed in our studio. We desperately needed temporary replacements who had experience with magazines. Where did I find them? I literally only know one organisation that could handle that requirement: Typografics. A big thanks to our rescuing angels Axelle, Thomas and Catherine!
Frank Goetmaeckers, Founder - Publisher

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