Mood boards for Associated Weavers

Made by Thea

Crossmedia Designer

Showroom mood boards for Associated Weavers The carpet collections of Associated Weavers reflect 5 themes: City Life, Sweet Life, World Life, Simple Life and Classic Life. Cross media designer Thea managed to beautifully present these 5 lifestyles in the showroom. Together with the in-house marketing team, Thea came up with a stylish solution to combine photos and carpet samples on one mood board.
Piecing together the strongest result Good preparation is half the work. So Thea started developing a panel structure in order to decide on the position of the photos and the carpet samples. She used InDesign for the layout of this pattern and for the creation of the actual moodboards. Thus began the real match work for Thea; which images from the Associated Weavers photo database best reflected each lifestyle? And which carpet samples? And how do you create a dynamic synergy between the two? Thea used Bridge for the image selection. By rating the images she could easily make a selection. Moreover, with this tool she could name the images quickly and efficiently. Thea’s light-bulb moment was finding the perfect colour combination to highlight every aspect of the collection.
I am very pleased with the end result. Every lifestyle now has a fresh look in which both the images and the carpet samples come into their own.
Thea, Cross Media Designer
Thea was able to quickly find her place in our organisation. She understood our brands and the direction we wanted to take, which resulted in strong artwork.
Emmanuel Lioen, Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager Associated Weavers

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