New website for Vigotec

Made by Elke

Talent Trainer - Senior Webdesigner & developer

New website with Mailchimp integration for Vigotec Vigotec has a broad scope of action. Therefore the new website had to be clearly structured. Our colleague Elke worked with colour schemes and created a visual manual that takes the surfer intuitively through the business units and the rest of Vigotec’s offering. The new website looks fresh and focuses on clarity and user-friendliness. Navigating feels natural, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for.
Vigotec was a fun and diverse project. Creating one all encompassing website from separate websites was quite challenging. The colour schemes were an ideal solution to visually represent each business unit.
Elke, Web Designer & Web Developer
Before building the website, Elke worked with different programming languages and ProcessWire, the CMS we offer to our customers. She was responsible for the frontend development and created a tree structure for the back-end. This made it easy for the customer to create and build their own pages.
We are very satisfied with the cooperation. Both the project manager and programmer were extremely helpful. The training regarding the back-end made everything comprehensible. Moreover, we always receive a quick response to our questions, even now after the project has been completed.
Sien D'Hooghe, Marketing Officer at Vigotec
Finally, the Mailchimp integration ensures that Vigotec can easily continue to grow their subscriber list. Every visitor who signs up via this form is automatically added to a Mailchimp list.

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