Trailer with animated logo and slogan

Made by Tom

Talent Trainer - Senior crossmedia & motion designer

Typografics animated the Cinema’s logo and its slogan, ‘enjoy the movie’.

Adobe Illustrator

Preparing the vector paths in Adobe Illustrator. These vector paths are needed later on for importing the logo in Cinema 4D.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Uploading the Illustrator file to Cinema 4D. The vector layers are turned into a 3D object. Further steps in Maxon Cinema 4D: Determining the colours of the object and background Placing lights for ideal lighting/shade Adding smoke effects Placing cameras Recording takes Once all of these elements are perfect, the takes are rendered.

Adobe After Effects

Uploading the rendered footage in After Effects compositions to do colour correcting. Adding some extra effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Uploading all Adobe After Effects compositions to Adobe Premiere Pro for the final editing. Adding sound.

Adobe Media Encoder

The footage is now ready, so it’s time to export it to video and render it using Adobe Media Encoder.

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