Wall stickers in the cafeteria at ZNA Stuivenberg

Made by Eva

Senior crossmedia designer & Photographer

Our graphic designer Eva was asked to give the wall in the cafeteria at ZNA Stuivenberg a creative make over and to use it as a temporary showcase with information about the move to the new ZNA Cadix hospital near Park Spoor Noord, which is planned for the end of 2020. The wall stickers should inform people about the new hospital.

Eva had a great time working on the project. ‘The ZNA corporate identity is pretty informal, so I could definitely do my thing. I tried to make a clean and concise schematic representation of all the different info. I chose to use icons to make it easier to digest, so that people having lunch or a quick drink can understand the message in a glance. The old school KISS rule: keep it simple and straightforward.’

We are extremely satisfied with Eva's work. She is super creative and has done an outstanding job.
Renée Willems – Communications Manager at ZNA

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