Web design & e-mail for AG Femina

Made by Max

Senior Webdesigner

Web design & e-mail template AG Femina The Femina health insurance from AG Insurance has been in the marketplace since 2017, helping to reduce costs during the recovery from breast cancer. AG Insurance aimed to create awareness about the benefits of this additional insurance in 2019.
Web designer Max transformed the Femina website into a user-friendly and well-organised platform. ‘The design is a combination of the recognisable AG Insurance branding with the soft colour pattern of the Femina health insurance, which gives the whole a soft and confidential look and feel.’ - Max, Web Designer
Max also devised an e-mail template that AG Insurance will use to roll out a recognisable communication plan for this additional insurance.
Max worked in Sketch for the layout of the landing page and the e-mail template. Adobe Photoshop was his go-to software for further image editing. The landing page and the e-mail template were launched in Dutch and French.

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