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CVBA TYPOGRAFICS, with a registered office at 9220 HAMME, Zwaarveld 45 and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0431.506.379, hereinafter referred to as 'TYPOGRAFICS', attaches great importance to your privacy.

In principle, TYPOGRAFICS only deals with other companies, 'Business to Business', but it collects, stores and uses personal data within the framework of its daily activities.

Personal data are data that, either alone or in combination, allow a person to be identified, such as a name, user name, photo, social security number, internal registration number, licence plate, postal address, telephone number, location data, online user name (such as an IP address), a sound recording, etc.

The person to whom these data relate will be referred to below as the 'person concerned'.

For example, TYPOGRAFICS uses personal data for the purpose of communicating with its customers (companies). In actual practice, these contacts occur with persons working for its clients (companies). Since TYPOGRAFICS comes into contact with personal data in this way, among others, and also stores and uses these data, it is important for TYPOGRAFICS to provide information about (i) the data it collects, (ii) how these data are processed, (iii) what these data are used for, (iv) with whom the data are shared, (v) on what basis these data are used, (vi) what rights you have and (vii) how you can exercise these rights.

This Privacy Statement applies to any purchase and use of TYPOGRAFICS services or products and to any relationship or contact with TYPOGRAFICS, regardless of the duration or context of that relationship or contact, provided that the data subject has first read this document and given his consent. This agreement presupposes that the data subject has taken note of this Privacy Statement in advance.

This Privacy Statement also mentions the TYPOGRAFICS cookie and pixel policy, so your agreement will therefore also apply to this cookie and pixel policy.

1. What personal data does TYPOGRAFICS collect?


collects the data made available to it by the person concerned, for example:

  • when requesting an offer, such as name, address, age and date of birth, place of birth, nationality, gender, national register number, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number and e-mail address;
  • in the context of an employment contract, service agreement or supplier agreement;
  • via their cv when applying for a vacancy.


When the person in question uses TYPOGRAFICS products to make purchases or other financial transactions (e.g. when purchasing the Talent Scan via the MOLLIE payment system), TYPOGRAFICS collects information about the purchase or transaction. Among other things, TYPOGRAFICS collects payment information, such as credit or debit card number and other card details, other account and verification information, and details relating to billing, shipping and contact information.


collects information on, among other things, the way in which those involved end up on its website, learn about its existence and learn about its products and services. This includes information such as the browser type, IP address, the operating system used or the domain name of the website through which the TYPOGRAFICS website is accessed or exited.

TYPOGRAFICS also collects data on living habits, such as social contacts, use of social media and means of communication, leisure activities and interests.

TYOPGRAFICS receives the aforementioned information about the online activities of the person concerned via its pixels or cookies (see below).


collects information about the user experience of the individual who purchases its products and services, such as the complaints that occur most frequently when using its products and services.

TYPOGRAFICS also collects information about the online purchasing and clicking behaviour of the person concerned via its pixels or its cookies (see below).

2. How does TYPOGRAFICS process personal data?

TYPOGRAFICS processes your data both electronically, for example via various computer programs (such as Microsoft Office and Team Leader), via websites (such as Facebook) and on databases (such as online storage/storage systems), and on paper carriers, such as reports.

TYPOGRAFICS makes use of cookies and pixels. These are computer programs that allow TYPOGRAFICS to investigate the effectiveness of the design of its website and of its advertising and to determine the identity of customers who carry out online transactions.

Cookies are small files that are installed on the computer system of the person concerned in order to allow the TYPOGRAFICS website to function efficiently.

Pixels are small images that are placed on other web pages and that allow TYPOGRAFICS to access the activities of the person concerned on these web pages.

Both pixels and cookies are aimed at, among other things:

  • better attuning the TYPOGRAFICS website to the needs of the recurrent data subject;
  • detecting invoice fraud;
  • securing the TYPOGRAFICS website;
  • placing personalised advertisements on web pages visited by the data subject;
  • informing TYPOGRAFICS about the activities of the data subject (such as purchasing and clicking behaviour), both on the TYPOGRAFICS website and on other web pages that collaborate with TYPOGRAFICS.

Every visitor to the TYPOGRAFICS website will have to agree to the cookie and pixel policy of TYPOGRAFICS in order to gain access to the website. The user of the website is free to oppose the cookie and pixel policy of TYPOGRAFICS by not accepting it.

If, after acceptance, the person concerned no longer agrees with the cookie and pixel policy of TYPOGRAFICS, they may disable it themselves. The internet browser always allows cookies to be deactivated by the user. The browser gives various options in the privacy settings. For example, the person concerned can indicate at any time during his internet browser use that cookies (from TYPOGRAFICS) are or are not allowed.

3. What does TYPOGRAFICS use personal data for?


uses personal data, such as name, address, bank account number, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address, in order to make its services possible. For example, confirmations of orders or offers delivered to the person concerned, either by e-mail, by phone or by post. The person concerned may also be contacted in the event of changes to the delivery time or place. TYPOGRAFICS shall also use personal data for feedback purposes after it has delivered its products and services.


collects and uses personal data to create an overview of its customer base and to manage this customer base (for example, sending invoices and customer service).


uses personal data in order to be able to offer its customers a suitable product that meets their specific needs. The information collected is also used to determine, when offering certain services, whether these services should be provided on the premises or remotely and to respond to specific requests, which may vary from customer to customer.

TYPOGRAFICS also uses cookies and pixels to simplify access to its website, among other things. TYPOGRAFICS does this in order to make the experience of the person visiting its website more pleasant and to place personalised advertisements tailored to the wishes or interests of the person concerned.


uses personal data in order to be able to respond to any contact they receive from the person concerned.

TYPOGRAFICS collects personal data in the form of the contact information of its (potential) customers, suppliers and service providers and will possibly use this information to contact them and to offer or present its products and services in a direct manner.

TYPOGRAFICS uses personal data to send marketing messages about its products, services, conditions and promotions.


uses personal data to develop, test and improve its products and services, for example by conducting surveys and research and testing new products and features and solving problems found. This is made possible by the cookies and pixels of TYPOGRAFICS.


uses personal data for the execution of employment contracts with its staff, such as for communication with the staff or payment of wages.


uses personal data to execute its contracts with suppliers, such as contacting persons working at the supplier in connection with deliveries.


uses personal data for the execution of contracts with (independent) service providers, for example to make contact about the orders that have been outsourced to the service providers.


uses personal data to promote its products and services, for example by sending promotional emails and newsletters.


uses personal information that it receives through its pixels or its cookies, in order to better target and personalise its advertisements to the right people, who may be served by its products and services. TYPOGRAFICS collects information and personal data about which persons visit its websites, search for or use its services and products and how they react to its websites, products and services.

TYPOGRAFICS uses personal data, including information about the interests of those involved, their online activities and connections, in order to offer its advertisements, products and services to a broad but selected audience that shows interest by, for example, visiting its website or purchasing one of its products.


uses personal information to secure both the website (transactional fraud practices) and the business premises. By using cookies and pixels, TYPOGRAFICS obtains a view of the traffic to and from the website and the transactions that take place on it. In this way, fraudulent payment practices via TYPOGRAFICS products can be monitored to ensure safe traffic. Outside the offices, TYPOGRAFICS uses camera surveillance systems to ensure the security of the offices where personal data is stored and to be able to detect any problems.

4. With whom does TYPOGRAFICS share personal data?

Access to the personal data used by TYPOGRAFICS shall be limited to those persons with whom TYPOGRAFICS cooperates closely and with whom TYPOGRAFICS has to carry out tasks or assignments related to these personal data.

In addition, TYPOGRAFICS shall also share personal data with all (governmental) authorities that must be provided with the personal data of the person concerned by virtue of the law or for the execution of an agreement.

5. On what legal grounds does TYPOGRAFICS process personal data?


If the person concerned has entered into an agreement with TYPOGRAFICS, it shall collect and use the data necessary for the execution of that agreement.


The personal data that TYPOGRAFICS uses to offer (e.g. via direct marketing messages), personalise (e.g. tracking click behaviour to offer targeted advertising) and improve (e.g. new licence updates) its products and services are part of its legitimate interest to develop and offer innovative products and services.

The personal data that TYPOGRAFICS uses in order to communicate about (problems related to) its products or services, including through customer service, fall under its legitimate interest to support and maintain its products and services.

The personal data that TYPOGRAFICS uses to offer marketing communications fall under its legitimate interest to promote its products and services.


uses personal data for purposes determined by law, e.g. tax and VAT legislation.


shall in certain cases request permission for the use of personal data, for example for sending newsletters.

6. How long are personal data stored?

TYPOGRAFICS keeps personal data for as long as it needs them in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes. Personal data used for a purpose that no longer exists shall be deleted by TYPOGRAFICS.

If the right to be forgotten (see below) is validly exercised by the person concerned, TYPOGRAFICS shall delete the personal data immediately.

TYPOGRAFICS shall further determine the duration of the processing on the basis of the statute of limitations and retention periods prescribed by law.

7. How are personal data protected?

TYPOGRAFICS limits the access to personal data to its staff, service providers and commercial partners within the Belgian territory, who need these personal data in order to perform their tasks and assignments for TYPOGRAFICS.

The internal privacy policy of TYPOGRAFICS, to which its staff is bound, provides the necessary security measures for the personal data. The service providers with whom TYPOGRAFICS cooperates have a contractual relationship with TYPOGRAFICS, which includes all the necessary safeguards to ensure the appropriate protection of personal data, in accordance with the legal standards on privacy protection.

TYPOGRAFICS also provides for the physical protection of personal data, such as the installation of anti-burglary systems and fire extinguishers.

TYPOGRAFICS also provides for the protection of electronically processed personal data by, among other things, installing anti-virus software, restricting access to personal data and using user names and passwords.

TYPOGRAFICS's cookies and pixels also allow the company to protect personal data. They can detect unauthorised activities and violations TYPOGRAFICS’s terms of use.

8. What rights does the data subject have?

  • The data subject has the right to access his personal data.
  • The data subject has the right to request the correction or deletion of his data.
  • The data subject has the right to request the restriction of the processing of his data. For example, the data subject may request that the use of his data be suspended (only stored) until a correction is carried out;
  • the data subject has the right to transfer his data that is held by TYPOGRAFICS to another service provider;
  • the data subject has the right to object to a particular use of his data, e.g. direct marketing;
  • the data subject has the right to a decision that is taken individually and not by automated means.

With regard to the personal data used by TYPOGRAFICS, on the basis of the consent of the data subject, the data subject has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. This withdrawal shall not affect the data validly used by TYPOGRAFICS prior to the withdrawal of consent.

The aforementioned rights shall not be absolute rights. There are legal restrictions on the exercise of this right, which TYPOGRAFICS may invoke if the person concerned wishes to exercise his right.

Subject to proof of identity (copy of identity card), the person concerned may, by means of a written, dated and signed request addressed to TYPOGRAFICS at the above-mentioned contact address, exercise the aforementioned rights with regard to his personal data free of charge. Where appropriate, TYPOGRAFICS will respond to the data subject's request within a period of one month, which may be extended by two months depending on the complexity of the request. TYPOGRAFICS shall give a reasoned decision for any request that is rejected or answered within a period exceeding one month.

Finally, the data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority or lodge an appeal with the Belgian judicial authorities if he discovers violations of data protection legislation.

9. If TYPOGRAFICS intends to further use the collected personal data for purposes other than those set out above, the company will inform the data subject prior to such further processing, unless the new processing is compatible with the original purpose for which it was collected. Where appropriate, TYPOGRAFICS will provide the data subject with information about this other purpose and any relevant further information.

In case of changes to this Privacy Statement, TYPOGRAFICS will inform the data subject.


HAMME, May 2018

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  10. If any provision of this legal information should be contrary to mandatory law or invalid, this shall not affect the other provisions.

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  12. All possible legal claims of the visitor will conventionally expire after one year, counting from the date of the facts, even if the date of knowledge does not coincide with this.

  14. HAMME, May 2018

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