De Persgroep Publishing

Packaging design and styling for ‘Trappists' box’ advertisement

De Persgroep Publishing (DPP) is involved in newspapers, magazines, and new media, and is the home of a number of Belgian market leaders such as Het Laatste Nieuws, Dag Allemaal, Goed Gevoel, and

  • Packaging Design
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
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Graphic Designer

De Persgroep Publishing frequently appeals to Typografics’ studio team to design advertisements and reader promotions. For example, we developed the packaging design for the ‘Trappists’ box’ and the styling for the corresponding advertisement that was featured in Humo and Het Laatste Nieuws (‘The Latest News’) in December.

We used Illustrator for the packaging and cut-out design, the wood texture was created using Photoshop, and the advertisements were formatted in InDesign.

I love beer, and I love packaging. A great combo! Cheers.

Benjamin Rys

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