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Visualising internal promises

Moore Stephens Belgium is an accounting and consultancy firm that strives to be close by.

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Graphic Designer

In terms of its company values, Moore Stephens Belgium focuses primarily on (internal) client experience. Typografics was asked to visualise the company’s internal promises, in a visually interesting way to make them stand out.

Custom wallpaper

The resulting visual would be put up in a conference room so that employees would come across the ten different promises frequently.

The Typografics studio developed a design that would cover the entire wall of the conference room. A brick wall was simulated as the background, with the 10 different promises projected on top, marked off by a frame. We used the dimensions of realistic, existing frames, so that extra emphasis could be put on any one of the visuals with the addition of a real frame.

The end result was then printed on wallpaper, so that the entire wall of the conference room could be given a new - and in our opinion very successful - look.

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