our creative meeting place.

The Letterkabinet at Dok Noord in Ghent is a place where
the past, present and future spark off one another.

Letterpress and relief printing play the leading role in all the activities here.
You can attend a workshop, hold a special team-building event, make your own creations in the open studio or hold meetings.

Push creative boundaries

Tailor-made printing

A birth announcement card, wedding invitation or a business card; we can roll the presses for you or you can do it yourself.

Meetings in an inspiring setting

Brainstorming or meeting at a different location provides enrichment. Find a unique location for up to 12 people at Letterkabinet, within walking distance of the centre of Ghent.

Attend a workshop or teambuilding event

Clear your head completely and fill it with new creative insights: print a poster with wooden letters, linocut, or hand lettering. On your own, with friends, family or your team.

Back to the roots

The concept of The Letterkabinet comes from Danny Mertens, founder of Typografics.
With this facility, he returns to his roots as a graphic artist and his passion for paper. Together with graphic designer Elke Drieghe, he turned the Letterkabinet into what it is today. Traditional techniques are the inspiration behind everything that is done here, with the printing presses as the real show-stoppers at the Letterkabinet.

Fine work from the
Letterkabinet in Ghent

The face behind