Up to 30% subsidy on all SME courses

Typografics is an SME portfolio service provider so the Flemish government matches up to 30% of your tuition fees; it’s a little financial support because you are investing in quality.

  • Who is entitled to support?
    SMEs and practitioners of all liberal professions.
  • How much support?
    As a small company, you will receive 30% support, as a medium-sized company 20% and with a maximum of up to €7 500 per year.


Welk registratienummer heeft Typografics als kmo-portefeuille dienstverlener?


Komen alle opleidingen in aanmerking voor subsidie?


Binnen welk thema zijn de opleidingen erkend?

‘Profession-specific competences’ is the theme under which the courses are registered. Although some topics also enjoy the recognition ‘Digitisation – software’, we still recommend choosing the ‘Profession-specific competences’ theme.

Welke subsidievoorwaarden zijn er?

These have been clearly defined by the Flemish government; both your company and our training partnership must meet certain conditions: https://www.vlaio.be/en/subsidies/sme-e-wallet/which-enterprises-services-and-service-providers-are-eligible-sme-e-wallet.

Hoeveel subsidie krijg ik? 

This depends on the size of your business, read more here: https://www.vlaio.be/en/subsidies/sme-e-wallet/amount-sme-e-wallet.

Hoe vraag ik een subsidie aan?

Through the e-counter for entrepreneurs. Are you making your first application? Then you must start with your company registration, then go through the procedure.

Wanneer open ik een subsidiedossier?

Submit your application no later than 14 days after your course start date. So don’t wait for your invoice, you will find the necessary info on the registration form or your offer. Please note: you need to deduct any discounts from the project amount. However, catering can be subsidised.

Hoe betaal ik een opleiding via kmo-portefeuille?

Within 30 calendar days of opening the file, you should transfer your own share according to the instructions in the e-counter. Once the subsidy has been added by the government and you have the invoice for the services, you need to issue the order for payment. The balance is not automatically transferred by the SME Portfolio. You pay the VAT directly to Typografics.

Kan ik een kmo-portefeuille dossier stopzetten of annuleren? 

This can be done at any stage! Whether or not you are reimbursed your own share and the relevant subsidy depends on the terms and conditions of the training provider and the stage of your case. Read all the info here: https://www.vlaio.be/nl/subsidies-financiering/kmo-portefeuille/subsidies-stopzetten-en-terugbetaling.

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