A day in the life of a Creative Allround Crossmedia Designer


You will turn every office in Flanders/Brussels into a happy place to work, while graphic projects from different sectors will be thrown on the table. From advertising agencies to marketing or communications departments of SMEs to leading multinationals, you know how to successfully leave your graphic signature.

You are not guilty of deep-seated delusions of grandeur, there is a constant party of ideas going on in your head. Sometimes they explode into power design with exuberant colors and playful fonts. But the subdued version of your skills looks just as picture-perfect. You make that constant style switch with your fingers crossed. Moreover, you don’t frown your brow when it comes to online or offline, you are a born all-rounder who works strongly independently.


  • have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic or cross-media studies.
  • already have some initial work experience as a graphic designer.
  • have an open and sincere personality that dares to be present in our team.
  • are available 4 to 5 days a week.
  • know how to express yourself in more than one language.

Software skills

Adobe InDesign – Advanced

Adobe Illustrator – Advanced

Adobe Acrobat – Advanced

Adobe After Effects – Basic

Adobe Première Pro – Basic

Adobe Animate CC – Basic

What’s in it for you?

  • Non-stop new projects and people.
  • Everyone has a presence on the website and is actively introduced to customers.
  • Free annual Talent Scan with advisory report. Internal training is free and classroom training can be provided at preferential rates.
  • A technical and creative hotline is at your disposal.
  • You are always welcome to come and work at HQ in Hamme.
  • Together, we are one big Typografics family and always have fun at team events and other initiatives.

In 4 steps towards #TeamTypo

Step 1

Emy calls you

A brief exploratory conversation in which we discover together if we are on the same page. Is that the case? Then a Talent Scan follows

Step 2

Talent Scan

Skills and knowledge will objectively be tested and evaluated through this testing tool. The Talent Scan provides clear insight into your suitability for the job.

Step 3

1-on-1 with Emy

At the HQ in Hamme, we get to know each other better. We will discuss the Talent Scan and review your portfolio.

Step 4

Intake interview

Managing Partners Caro & Kristel are happy to meet you too before a contract proposal follows.