Take advantage of Flemish training incentives

Typografics is WSE certified, which means you can claim training incentives from the Flemish government for certain courses.

  • Who is entitled to support?
    Employees and employers.
  • How much support?
    The Flemish training leave provides a financial safety net for 125 hours of training, and per school year the Flemish government also reimburses €125 in training vouchers.


Welk registratienummer heeft Typografics?

Typografics is registered as a training provider under the number KDB000002601. In the Flemish training database however, you can find courses via the individual registration number (ODB-XXXXXXX). So for a list of all the modules for which we are accredited, you are advised to search for ‘Typografics’.

Komen alle opleidingen in aanmerking voor incentives?

In 2023 8 best-value packages (over 32 teaching hours) are eligible. However, from September 2023, you no longer have to take the minimum of 32 teaching hours through 1 course; a much broader registration has been put before the commission and all courses might, therefore, be eligible for Flemish training incentives from 2024.

Welke opleidingsincentives kan ik inzetten?

Typografics’ accreditation applies to Flemish training leave and Flemish training vouchers. Our courses are not eligible for training credit. Find out more here: https://www.vlaanderen.be/vlaamse-opleidingsincentives .

Welke voorwaarden zijn er?

The Flemish Training Incentives Roadmap will help you through some targeted questions to the measures you can claim: https://www.vlaanderen.be/vlaamse-opleidingsincentives/wegwijzer-vlaamse-opleidingsincentives

Hoe vraag ik als werknemer Vlaams opleidingsverlof of als werkgever terugbetaling voor dit verlof aan? 

Hoe vraag ik als werknemer Vlaamse opleidingscheques aan?

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