How can we help you?

What do you need? That’s our starting point. A graphic designer, DTP specialist, web designer or developer for the short or long term? Individual coaching or graphics training courses for which you set the agenda? Technical screening of your staff or applicants? Typografics covers it all.
You choose which profile, graphic service or training course you want. Either we come to you or we work on your project from Hamme. 100% flexible, 100% quality.

Graphics studio

Typografics has its own graphics studio. If you need personnel, but don’t have the space, equipment or graphic knowledge to put them to work, don’t worry.
We work with 100% up-to-date equipment on your project. From our studio in Hamme.

More about the graphics studio

Temporary designers

You have an impossible deadline, extra work or a temporary staff shortage. Typografics can help you in your hour of need. All our designers and developers require is a short briefing or a rough sketch to get started. 
We will send you a permanent employee, for your ‘freelance’ assignment.

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Graphics screening

Is everyone in your company working to the best of their ability? Is the graphic and technical know-how completely up-to-date? Our technical screening will expose any weak points. That way, you know exactly which skills need updating. And if you need to sort the wheat from the chaff during interviews, a Typografics screening is the ideal tool. With a 100% objective approach.

More about graphics screenings

Graphics training courses

Graphics programs are continually evolving. Our specialized trainers lift your personnel to a higher level. A short Photoshop course or a multi-day coaching session for your staff? An update about the new functions in the Adobe Creative Suite package? You decide what goes on the agenda.

More about the training courses

Who are you dealing with?

  • Andreas Anastasiades

    Web Designer & Developer

  • Roel Belmans

    Graphic Designer

  • Tom Boone

    Graphic Designer

  • Patrick Brouns

    Graphic Designer

  • Michael Buelens

    Academy Manager

  • Elias Colen

    Graphic Designer

  • Jan De Brabander

    Graphic Designer

  • Debby De Cocker

    Marcom Manager

  • Frederik De Roover

    Web Designer & Developer

  • Jurgen Denys

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Elke Drieghe

    Graphic Designer

  • Freelance Experts

    as a flexible addition to our own talent

  • Stephanie Fockedey

    Graphic Designer

  • Julie Joosten

    Graphic Designer

  • Thomas Lagrange

    Graphic Designer

  • Danny Mertens

    Managing Director

  • Caro Mertens

    Sales Promotor

  • Yves Moerman

    Studio Manager

  • Tom Moulaert

    Cross-Media Designer

  • Jeff Nauwelaerts

    Web Designer & Developer

  • Tine Ottoy

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Kristel Pelgrims

    Finance & Office Manager

  • Benjamin Rys

    Graphic Designer

  • Seppe Smet

    Graphic Designer

  • Bart Van Bos

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Bernd Van de Voorde

    Graphic Designer

  • Lisa Van den Abeele

    Web Designer & Developer

  • Peter Van Den Houte

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Isabel van Genechten

    Graphic Designer

  • Guy Van Haerenborgh

    Graphic Designer

  • Eva Van Langenhoven

    Graphic Designer

  • Heidi Van Sande

    Management Assistant

  • Koen Wyckmans

    Traffic & HR Manager

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