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In 2016, Typografics celebrated its 25th anniversary. In the past quarter of a century, the graphic design industry has undergone a drastic transformation. The digital revolution has changed everything, from our way of working to how we use images to reinforce our messages. The addition of the Internet and social media has caused a continued acceleration that every individual company, or organisation has to learn how to deal with.

Does your company or organisation want to be able to make a difference? If so, we at Typografics are convinced that the best way is for you to support your core message with strong visuals. After all, your identity is shaped by the things you say, the things you do, and how you look. You benefit greatly from providing carefully considered, comprehensive, and technically sound visuals. Luckily for you, that is exactly what Typografics is so good at!

25 years ago, there was no such thing as an ‘online story’; we provided traditional graphical design work only. Nowadays, that simply doesn't cut it, so we are staking a lot on the digital aspect of graphic design. We are hard at work recruiting the right job profiles to strengthen our existing web team, because our clients’ demand for these kinds of services is ever growing.

Danny Mertens, Managing Director


Values are not invented, but discovered. In everything we do and in all of our relationships with suppliers, clients, and co-workers, we base ourselves on our 4 basic values. We look for those same 4 qualities in all future employees or freelancers working for us.

Always up to date


A little over a quarter of a century ago, we were the first graphic design temping agency in Belgium, whose graphic designers would visit companies to complete orders and support marketing teams on-site. We haven’t lost that pioneering mentality since.

We always consider it our duty to actively monitor and test new market evolutions. In doing so, we distinguish between passing hypes and relevant trends, and ensure that our employees are able to obtain additional training when needed. The advantage for our clients here is that we always work using the most advanced software and technology.

Open and honest in all that we do


You can depend on us to communicate transparently about everything we do. No unpleasant surprises at the end of the road, thanks to our clearly communicated prices; we keep to our agreements. Moreover, we expect our employees to have an open, empathic attitude.

Give more than we are asked


We are happy to go to the next level for our clients. For example, we invest in personal training programmes for each of our employees every year, improving their technical knowledge, while also paying attention to their personal development. After all, happy employees result in happy clients.

We are also happy to share all of that knowledge on our blog and other social media channels, so do follow us for relevant tips & tricks, fun facts, and the latest news on the Adobe CC, graphic art, and the design of all things digital.

Connected in both head and heart


Our employees are involved and committed. They connect with Typografics and with out clients. They are flexible and passionate about giving their all every single day.

Need someone right away?

If you have an order that was supposed to be finished yesterday, or are going to be working on a project that you could use some help with, just contact us! We will let you know right away whether we can help you out.