Packaging design for Point-Virgule

Made by Shaun

Senior Cross-Media & Motion Designer

Shaun and Peter quickly agreed on our corporate identity. We also hugely appreciated their creative input for our packaging. The two of them achieved a lot in a short period of time!
Ingelien Geenens - Marketing Manager A'domo

Cross media designer Shaun was allowed to design the packaging of A’dome’s home brand Point-Virgule. Among other things, he started with the packaging of cookbook holders and cocktail spoons.

‘Because I was packaging designer at Philips before I started working at Typografics, I am used to thinking in 3D. This way I can come up with creative solutions much faster.  I found designing these packaging especially interesting because I was given lovely atmospheric pictures as a basis. That was a real added value during the design process. Their fonts were also great to work with. They mainly use Helvetica Neue, a classic for us designers since it is a sleek font, with enough variations such as thin, light, regular, semi-bold, bold, black...

Our Designer Peter was also engaged for a temporary assignment with A’domo. He designed the packaging for a cheese knife set. According to him he was allowed to do his own thing in terms of design: ‘Especially when there is typography involved I am always excited to create something nice!’

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