Talent Scan for BD myShopi

Talent Scan for BD myShopi Recently BD myShopi recruited a new creative designer. The 2 candidates with the strongest soft skills were invited to take a Talent Scan at Typografics. The Talent Scan is an objective evaluation tool for graphic profiles
The Talent Scan helps recruiters and HR staff to get an idea of an applicant’s hard skills. Applicants will be asked to take a test at the Typografics Academy and will be assessed by our experts against objective criteria.
As a manager, the Talent Scan not only gave me a good idea of the candidates’ technical knowledge as creative designers, but also served as a basis for Evelyne's training plan.
Aurélie Delespierre, Marketing Manager BD myShopi
During the course of one day both theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be tested. The theoretical test screens the candidate’s knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and printing techniques through the use of a questionnaire. The practical skills are tested by means of mini-assignments. The result is a detailed report that provides an insight into the capabilities, development needs and general knowledge of the candidate.
I have been evaluating the Talent Scans of our own applicants for a year now. It is not always easy to deduce from a cv how an applicant’s software knowledge translates into practice. The Talent Scan objectively shows how well the knowledge/skills of a graphic designer are developed and what their blind spots are.
Jensie De Gheest, Talent Trainer
Evelyne, Creative Designer @ BD myShopi The Talent Scan told us that Evelyne’s hard skills were exactly what BD myShopi needed. As the new creative designer, she is now responsible for the graphic layout of both internal and external communication and following up print work. This is how she experienced the Talent Scan:
The Talent Scan really puts your Adobe knowledge and skills to the test. Added bonus: the colleagues at Typografics are super friendly and welcoming. In short, it was a very nice, instructive experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to test their skills.
Evelyne Van Esbroeck, Creative Designer BD myShopi
Would you like to use the Talent Scan during your recruitment process? Reach out to Sarah by mail or by telephone on 052/41.45.65.

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